Karim Morel

Full-Stack PHP Developer

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Looking for new opportunities

After more than 5 years working in different companies, I am actively searching for a new position a Full-Stack PHP Developer.
I would like to bring my knowledge and my skills within a new team, where I can fit for a long term experience and give my best everyday.

I am looking forward to meet you. :)

The most important for me, is the team I will join. I will give my best to meet expectations and to improve the project I will work on.


Some of my favorite personal projects :

Photo website

Web app to improve my Japanese.

What can I bring to a team?

I try my best to deliver easy to maintain code and reduce duplication. I am always interested in the best solution to adopt to solve an issue or to create a new feature.
During my past experiences, I tried as much as I could to improve my problem solving skills and my reactivity to be able to deliver high quality code and keep the final user in my mind when thinking of the UX.

A little more about me

I am a hardworker, I always want to improve myself by learning everything I can, and I like to help the others.
I love to meet new people and share some sushis or some burgers on my free time.

Do you like my profile ?

I hope you do.
Please, do not hesitate to contact me for more informations or if you want to interview me. I let you my a copy of my CV so you can have more information about me.

I talked a lot about me

It's your time to talk, please have a look to my linkedin account if you want to go further with my profile, and send me an e-mail !